30 years later

the air-conditioner broke yesterday. which, of course, meant that i had to sequester myself in the spare bathroom for an hour as to avoid contact with the repair guy. with limited reading material given the panicked timeframe needed to hide, i found myself looking at a really old running log i keep in a file cabinet there. the weird part:  i noticed that it had  been exactly 30 years since my first race. May 19, 1979. Run for Life, San Angelo, TX. 5 miles. 35:29.

I was a meticulous logger in those days. I’ve still got every race result from 1979 through 1988, when ultras came along and running became a bit more zen-like and less time oriented. i’m sure it had nothing to do with getting slower.

I don’t really remember much about that first race. I do remember that it was intimidating. There’s something scary and wonderful about taking a leap when you don’t know where you’ll land. The running boom was still in its infancy back then. I must’ve just gotten my Nike Waffle Trainers around then (blue nylon with a yellow swoosh!) There was a terrific running club in San Angelo, and I remember that after the race we had watermelon. I had found my place in the world.

so 30 years later, here i am. still running, still dreaming of the perfect race, still getting the hankering for a slice of watermelon. on to the next 30! happy anniversary, me.

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