Bike Guy and the Dog

on my running course  today, and almost every day, were Bike Guy and the Dog. Bike Guy is an older gent who takes his dog out every day for a ride. he’s got a small trailer on the back of his bike, and his fluffy little pup hangs out contentedly in a sheepskin-lined cubbyhole. which isn’t that unusual, but … the guy is totally antisocial. every day, i say hey. every day, he either scowls or ignores me entirely. isn’t the entire point of being Bike Guy with the Dog that you like to go out and get attention? i thought he’d be this super-friendly person and we’d exchange our knowing “yeah we’re out here getting it done” waves every day as we passed. but i swear the guy wishes his pup was a doberman so he could unleash him on me.

of course i am violently antisocial myself so i’m not sure why this bothers me. perhaps i just think that the ignorer should be ME. i am deprived of an opportunity to be a jerk. and this is not fair.

but the Dog looks like he’s having a great time. and i guess that’s what really matters.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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