i blame 3 a.m. ©

sitting in the dark for one too many 3 a.m.s
don lapre assures me i can be a millionaire

why do we totally lose our creativity when we get old? i blame 3 a.m.

in my wildly creative days, 3 a.m. was my favorite time. it was that foggy, magical  period where your body started to give out, you stopped thinking clearly, and things would just pop out of your head without your brain getting in the way. you would wake up with a new song and no particular recollection of how it got there. mysteries of life were solved, profound thoughts were thought. the challenge was always to capture what was happening at 3 a.m. in a way that would survive till the next morning, allowing to be archived. but there was never an end to the craziness. i just assumed that 3 a.m. would always be there.

and then, one day, it happened. i got old.

puffnow, 3 a.m. is a time when i wake up because i had too many panda puffs just before my 10 p.m. bedtime, or i can’t remember if i paid the srp bill, or because of my wife’s prolific snoring. i watch the infomerical about getting magnificent abs in five minutes a day while making a killing on the foreclosure market for the millionth time, and eventually nod off on the couch. when i wake up the next morning, i just wake up.

i don’t miss the chaos. but i miss 3 a.m.

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1 Response to i blame 3 a.m. ©

  1. Laura says:

    I am working on a blog post about insominia-I had the idea first!! I am not copying!!! You can’t prove anything!!! :->
    Hee, hee.

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