americans idle

obama– president obama, facing an increasingly skeptical congress and a hysterical american public, addresses the nation to spell out his health care plan, an incredibly complicated proposition that would fundamentally change the way of life for an entire country for generations to come. the pundits scramble. how will we pay for it? will it affect the plans we already have? is a government-run plan necessary? can Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina really be that much of a total idiot?

— meanwhile, ellen degeneres announces that she will become the fourth judge on american idol. again, the pundits react. why her? doesn’t she lack any musical expertise? what does simon say?  can Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina carry a tune?

guess which one’s in the top position on the yahoo news page? guess which one we’ll be talking about at work tomorrow?

maybe obama should’ve made his address on the ellen show instead.

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