we’re a hyphen nation

exclam1it’s sad. we have become so inundated with holidays that when a really important one comes along nobody even notices.

yes, today is National Punctuation Day!


How to celebrate? Maybe use an ellipsis for … no reason. or a gratuitous question mark? dash out — a few pointless parentheses (but not to make an (-: emoticon. no holiday is worth that.) throw in some totally-uncalled-for hyphenation. it doesn’t cost anything, and after all, it’s a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! so many exclamation points [bracketed by so little time]!!!!!!!

hum your favorite punctuation song all day. or you can use mine — culture club’s comma comma comma comma comma chameleon. yes, you can “quote” me on that.

and by all means: take a few minutes today to do something nice for your colon.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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1 Response to we’re a hyphen nation

  1. Scott Weber says:

    strange that National Punctuation Day has its own official meatloaf…

    Or should I say: Meatloaf!

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