just another day at the office


photo courtesy of arizona republic (although they don’t know it)

i work at a job where on a good day we open the blinds a little so  we can see the winos as they pass out in the grass in front of our office. my niece works at a  job where on a good day you can see heaven. life is not fair.

to make matters worse, she has now cut off the only hope we had of sustaining ourselves on potatoes and onions in our golden years. sigh.

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3 Responses to just another day at the office

  1. R. Smith says:

    But, on the other hand, she can bring you lovely rocks (smuggled out in her hardhat).

  2. Annie says:

    well i think the view is sometimes the only thing that makes up for the times when the mules lumber by and only pee on the huuuge rock I’ve been trying to position for an hour and almost finished…that’s for sure…
    and as for the potatoes…he gave me the ultimatum: either marry him and be a farmer’s wife, or he was cutting me off. so think of it this way: no free fresh potatoes and onions, but a lifetime of Chuck-free Thanksgivings and Christmases! It almost makes up for it? Maybe??

  3. i just don’t understand why you can’t endure a life of misery so that i can have free potatoes.

    (maybe tell him kate has a secret crush?)

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