christmas season at the office max

we stop at the Office Max for ink for mo sheppo’s printer. (i know how the relatives of heroin users feel, watching their loved one go once a week in search of another costly fix.)

that’s not unusual. what IS unusual? a festive christmas display greets us as we walk in. christmas cards, christmas decorations, christmas doo-dads. actually just the doos. the dads are still on back order. unrest in china.

this is on sept. 24. a time of year that i’ve grudingingly come to tolerate as an acceptable beginning to the halloween barrage. the time of year when they put out the annoying little motion-activated skeleton that screams every time you are forced to walk by it going down the aisle. boy, THAT was scary. boy, THAT was scary again. boy, THAT was scary a third time.

santacopyhalloween is still more than a month away, then thanksgiving, then Handwashing Awareness Week (i’m not making that up), then Hanukkah, THEN christmas. and yet, office max is already gearing up for tiny reindeer. remember when christmas in july was amusing? now it’s the official beginning of the season at office max.

i ask the clerk about the absurdity of it all. he just gives us the “sadly, i need this $6 an hour job so i’m just going to shrug rather than telling you where to stick your printer ink” look. i take solace in the knowledge that he’ll be wearing a red santa hat by the end of the week. ho ho ho to you, mr. clerk.

i walk out of the office max, annoyed at the ever-increasing commercialism in our society that has us beginning to look a lot like christmas in phoenix when the temperature is still 105. but what can you do? we can’t stop it, but at least we can make an effort not to participate. we can make our own little futile gesture by boycotting places that take beloved holidays and squeeze the life out of them for a little more profit. i make a solemn vow to never come back to this store.

at least for three days until we’re out of printer ink again …

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1 Response to christmas season at the office max

  1. R. Smik says:

    Ho, ho, ho. Who wouldn’t go?

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