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finding the perfect running shoes

someday i hope to find the perfect running shoes. but the chances of stumbling across a pair of 10 1/2 asics banditos along the side of the road seem incredibly small. so i just continue to buy them instead. oh, … Continue reading

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bon voyage, bon iver

I am my mother’s only one It’s enough. — justin vernon our favorite musician o’ week at work is a guy who records under the name Bon Iver. Justin Vernon, his real name, is in a word brilliant. or in … Continue reading

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we’re a hyphen nation

it’s sad. we have become so inundated with holidays that when a really important one comes along nobody even notices. yes, today is National Punctuation Day! How to celebrate? Maybe use an ellipsis for … no reason. or a … Continue reading

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there’s no poetry in the metric system

the age-old runner’s debate is english vs. metric. why is the english system of measurement better? If robert frost had been burdened with the metric system we would have had: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have … Continue reading

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the cat is not pleased

my wife recently started a new job. so she’s gone a lot. our cat, who thought my wife’s job was to play with her all day, has started a new job, too. chewing on the wire leading to the computer mouse. … Continue reading

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