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the joy of static

Switching it over to AM Searching for a truer sound Can’t recall the call letters Steel guitar and settle down Catching an all-night station somewhere in Louisiana It sounds like 1963, but for now it sounds like heaven May the … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Obama:

I could not be prouder that you are my president. You have made huge strides in bringing the country together and re-establishing communication with the world. Your bold steps on foreign policy, the economy and health care reform are an … Continue reading

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back on track. sort of.

i love running on the track. some of my favorite runs have been on little loops that are always ready for one more lap than you are. a precarious cinder surface on a new year’s eve in phoenix, a rain-soaked … Continue reading

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a garmin by any other name

I’ve been through the desert with a watch with no namenot waterproof, i hope there’s no rainIn the desert you can’t remember its namecause it’s only a number and it’s bringing me pain — America (more or less. ok, less) … Continue reading

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IT band update

careful readers will recall that i renamed my IT band Kathy Griffin, because it’s annoying and won’t go away. sadly, my wife, who is in charge of my rehab effort, declared she will have nothing to do with anything named … Continue reading

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