religion in a snapshot

we are going to Indian country on our holiday soon. northern arizona. a place called First Mesa. mo says that if we have time we may also visit Second Mesa and possibly even Third Mesa. she does not appear to be joking.

we apparently are visiting because the goats there wear handmade ceramic bells. oddly, this strikes me as a fine reason for a vacation destination. better than “they have gambling” or “they have a disgruntled 16-year-old in a mouse costume.” so i’m looking forward to it greatly.

the dilemma: our hosts do not allow images to be taken. no photos, no videos, not even sketches. mo is desperate to record this place she loves, but is respectful of their culture. she asks me to solve it. i don’t think you can.

the funny thing is, what if they’re right? what if having your photo taken really does rob you of your soul? have you ever watched glenn beck? i rest my case. people often lament that we live in a soulless society. this could be the reason.

if you look at any religion from a distance it seems a little odd. they all have stories and rules that require a leap of faith. the religion you’re brought up with is the believable one; all others seem wrong. i hold much respect for any religious system that people take seriously enough to actually follow. and these guys are doing it, so they’re ok by me.

i’m even contemplating starting my own religion. one that says emoticons are the devil’s work and cannot be tolerated. the world would be a better place.  😉

damn. now i’m going to hell. i’ll be sure to take photos …

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