is stephan pastis a terrorist?

let’s look at the facts:

1. pastis, creator of the comic “Pearls Before Swine,” recently made a secret trip to Iraq and “other” middle eastern countries with a group of decidedly shady characters.

2. photos are new popping up on the internet of him posing with a man in a turban holding a flag, and mugging proudly by a portrait of saddam hussein.

3. his OWN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT routinely displays videos of him not unlike those made by Osama bin Laden himself. POSSIBLY WITH A HOSTAGE!!!! (well, it was a girl with a bag over her head. i didn’t have the volume on so i have no idea what that was all about.)

4. characters in his “comic strip” often carry weapons such as bazookas, which could easily be used for terrorist purposes. could this be a secret method of communication? we just don’t know.

5. do we even know this person is actually pastis at all? in the comic he looks so pleasant and clean-shaven, not at all like the photos would indicate. (damn. i may be thinking of family circus again.)

6. “PEARLS BEFORE SWINE!” sounds  like a jihad rallying cry in the first place. i’ve never felt particularly comfortable reading the strip. at least now i know why. (i’m just so sorry Pig had to get mixed up in all of this.)

i’m not sayin’, i’m just sayin’. Yes, Fox News, i am available for interviews.

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