Mr. Pants Ice Bath/Running Q and A

despite popular demand, mr. pants takes on a diverse number of running subjects, offering customized, individual advice for each. let’s begin.



Q. Hi, Mr. Pants. Is there a good way after my long runs to limit the damage to my legs and speed recovery?
A. I suggest an ice bath.

Q. I’m preparing for a Polar Bear Run, a 5K run followed by a plunge into a frigid lake. What’s the best way to prepare for this race?
A. You might try an ice bath.

Q: Sometimes when I’m running I lift my knees so high that I clock myself in the chin…so i go faster then I’m kicking myself in the, well you know. What am i to do?
A: Perhaps an ice bath.

Q: I’m in a long-distance relationship. I am in Alabama and the person i think I’m meant to be with is 800 miles away. Is there a solution?
A: Two words. Ice bath.

Q. My ice is dirty. How can i fix this?
A. Try an ice bath.

Q. I recently find myself the host of a large band of foreign-speaking runners who arrived at my doorstep because I commented on their blogs using a lame foreign translator and they misinterpreted. Now they want to go hot tubbing. How can I get out of this?
A. Try an ice bath instead! Here’s the translation for “try an ice bath” in Farsi, if that helps: زمان براي يك حمام يخ!

Q. I suspect you are just phoning this one in under the guise of being in a near-comatose state caused by a semi-toxic mixture of Nyquil, Robotussin and diet Coke. I’m really steamed. I’m hot under the collar. I’m burning up.What should I do?
A. Hmmm. Mr. Pants is stumped. Good luck with that.

do you have a question about running, anchovy paste or the best way to get that nyquil taste out of your water bottle? mr. pants is here for you.

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