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It’s another day to excel

I was bike touring down the Pacific Coast once when I met up with a guy named Michael. He was on the last stages of an epic ride from the East Coast across the country and then down to San … Continue reading

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As it turns out, eight

The number of popsicles I can eat consecutively before they completely lose their appeal. Just in case you were wondering.

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Why runners are different

So Carlo, Gossie and I had the perfect plan going. Carlo and Gossie were going to make their 24-hour run debut at a local New Year’s Eve race. I, the wizened old coach, was going to be their spiritual advisor … Continue reading

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Mr. Pants’ Soapbox Running Q and A

Mr. Pants, taking a break from training for his upcoming assault on the Guinness record for a marathon in a Spongebob Squarepants costume, takes the time to field a few of the day’s most pressing questions. — Q. I’ve been … Continue reading

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A flawed study

The New York Times today says that exercise makes you less anxious. The New York Times apparently has never been running on the same road as a 90-year-old driver.

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