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Coffee Cat’s Madkat Cider 2009

Mo says Happy New Year!!!

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My 2009 New Year’s resolution

Be more timely.

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Taylor and the treadmill

Just one more reason to run on the treadmill on a day of perfect weather: I spent my entire hour run watching Taylor Swift and Def Leppard performing together on CMT’s Crossroads. If there’s ever been a more uncomfortable spectacle … Continue reading

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Mr. Pants’ No-Run Program Q&A

Although Mr. Pants finds himself in a state that could generously be referred to as “running,” he is an expert at doing otherwise. A recent reply to a blogger raised interest in his controversial training philosophy. We tackle the basics. … Continue reading

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Too sappy to be a Lifetime movie

Mo gets free Suns tickets for Christmas Day. Bad tickets. REALLY bad tickets. The kind of tickets they give away on Christmas Day. Oxygen-required tickets. We decide early on we’re not going. I am riddled with guilt that we’re wasting … Continue reading

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