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Giving winter the cold shoulder

Hey look ma here comes the elephant boy bundled all up in his corduroy headed down south towards Illinois from the jungles of East St. Paul. — John Prine — I have a confession: I have not owned a coat … Continue reading

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I’m glad I’m not Ryan Hall

Reasons I wouldn’t want to be Ryan Hall: 1. I ran for 2 hours and 15 minutes on a treadmill today. For me, this was a leisurely 10 mile lope. For Ryan Hall, 2:15 on a treadmill would have required … Continue reading

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Facebook philosophy fun

Mo: “I unfriended everyone the other day. But it’s not that I don’t like them.”

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Julie & Julia & Garbanzo

Having watched Julie & Julia last night (if that doesn’t say “start of a Christmas tradition” I don’t know what does), I have come to realize the importance of cooking tips in blogging. With the name I Like Margarine, I … Continue reading

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With Cool Whip on Top

An icy morning run in the park. Christmas day. All is calm. All is bright. Hey, that would make a catchy song. It’s 40 degrees, a temp that would make my friends in the East laugh. Still, I’ve got on … Continue reading

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