New year, new moral dilemma

I am a law-abiding guy. I grew up in a small West Texas city where you do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

I am a runner. I commune on a perfect 3.1 mile loop road. I moved to our current location because I love this road. It’s wide, has little traffic, no camber and  has a huge bike lane just made for running.

Which leads to the moral dilemma. Last week, a Phoenix runner was critically injured while running in a bike lane. The driver who hit him was not cited because as it turns out, it’s illegal here to run in the street if there is an adjacent sidewalk.

I have been running in the streets of the greater Phoenix metro area for 23 years, not knowing I was a criminal. A million miles as a desperado.

But today as I head out on the Polito Loop, I know I won’t be able to do it.

My knees hate running on the sidewalk. But my mind hates breaking the law even more.

In my neighborhood, there are NO streets that don’t have sidewalks. There is no way to legally run on asphalt in a 20-mile radius from home.

So the sidewalk it is. I wish I had never known about that law. sigh.

But I’m still gonna jaywalk …

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3 Responses to New year, new moral dilemma

  1. runshorts says:

    When I have more energy I’ll look up my city bylaws to see if I’m an outlaw. Until then I’ll follow my own made-up rule that running on the street is perfectly legal, so long as I move against the flow of traffic.

  2. You have laws in Canada?

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