state of the union smackdown. almost

want to improve state of the union ratings? have the president of the united states and a supreme court justice wage a fistfight.

we sere soooooo close. the supremes sit within pouncing distance of the prez at the sotu. alito’s not one of those frail ginsburg, john paul stevens kinda justices. i think he could get in a few shots.

President Obama makes a remark about a recent supremes ruling that opens the floodgates for lobbyists. alito mouths “not true.” or maybe “f.u.” i’m no lip reader.

obama shakes his fist. alito gives him the “you want a piece of this” wave. next thing you know, they’re flailing away while the democrats try to pull away obama and the republicans grab alito. lieberman, or course, stands in the middle waiting for the best offer.

ok, maybe not quite all of that happened. but it was interesting. a supreme taking on a president at a state of the union address. gotta love those lifetime appointments.

only 52 weeks to the rematch …

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