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my embarrassing confession

i’m a sucker for a state of the union address. there. i said it. tonight some guy is going to get up in front of the nation, trusty teleprompters at the ready, and summarize his views of the past year … Continue reading

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The sun’ll come out tomorrow So ya gotta hang on ’til tomorrow — tomorrow. that’s the day i’ll run. i’ll put on my annie costume, red hair and matching dress flailing in the breeze with a scruffy dog running beside me. … Continue reading

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what a relief

i woke up this morning, sat up in bed and thought, “oh, lordy, wouldn’t it be great if i could start my morning watching the video of nancy kerrigan yowling about her knee for the 17 millionth time!” miracles do … Continue reading

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the pitfalls of treadmill running

1. electricity goes out at the Y. 2. downside: your run consists of repeatedly slamming into the treadmill console due to non-movement of the belt. 3. upside: eventual rock-hard abs from the pounding.

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a friendly note to pei wei’s asian diner

west texas boys do not use chopsticks. thank you. (a note to docturkey: pei wei is the cheapy subsidiary of p.f. chang’s. don’t you think they’re missing a bet? the p.f. chang’s marathon and pei wei half marathon. “did you … Continue reading

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that’s gotta be annoying

1. haiti calls off the search for survivors, saying it’s unrealistic to think anyone could still be alive under the rubble. 2. at the same time, a 23-year-old man is found in good health under the wreckage of a fruit … Continue reading

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the zen of treadmill

a lot of people don’t understand running. that’s ok. why would you run 20 miles for no reason? why must you do it every day? i tried running once and i was miserable. running is torture. i hate running. we … Continue reading

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