weight loss the hard way

i trot on the treadmill on tuesday nights. this is the one hour of the week where i can feel vastly superior as i run while watching people even slower than me on the biggest loser tv extravaganza/infomercial.

it’s fun to play along with the contestants while contemplating how i’m going to stop at mcdonald’s on the way home for the big ice cream cone. i’m a bad person.

generally i support the endeavors of the show. eight hours of torture a day? i’m good with that. suffering through the product placement portion of the program? (hey, kids, let’s have a yoplait smoothie! why, look! there’s bob!) ok by me.

but this week’s show crossed into dangerous territory.

in case you missed it (shame on you!), here’s a quick recap: one of the contestants underwent surgery to have an unnecessary organ removed. my, that was a quick recap. As a result of not toting around all the organs she started the show with, she lost enough weight to stay on another week.

how frightening is that? what’s next? well, you don’t really need both kidneys. nobody knows what a gallbladder does. outtathere. prune back some intestines, suck out a spleen, and you’re one pack of sugar-free gum away from making weight for yet another week.

i prefer to lose weight the old-fashioned way, thank you very much. i ordered a diet coke to go with my mcdonald’s cone on the way home. sveltehood here i come …

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2 Responses to weight loss the hard way

  1. runshorts says:

    Husband had his appendix removed when it exploded 24 hours after his inaugural stint as a Pace Bunny. This is unrelated to weight loss and McDonald’s ice cream, but it’s not often I can whip out my one and only appendix related story so I take those opportunities as they come.

  2. wow. i’ve always heard that being a Pace Bunny would do that, but i thought it was just an old wives’ tale. and it’s so awkward to substantiate. “excuse me, are you an old wife? i need you to take this survey.”

    i look forward to the “runshorts 24-hour weight loss by barfing your brains out” diet.

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