U.S. eh? U.S. eh? U.S. eh?

Olympic hockey! USA vs. Canada! I’m trying really hard to care. It is not working.

Trying, trying, trying …

Nope. Nothing. Sorry, Team USA.

Luckily, VS is showing “Slap Shot” on the channel next to MSNBC.

Which brings up an amusing story. (Well, I’m amused anyhow.)

Mo is a watcher of movies. By an amazing coincidence, said movies always seem to contain Mr. Matt Damon or Mr. Paul Newman. She says it’s just that she enjoys the movies, and oh my, why yes, I suppose they ARE in the movie. I really hadn’t noticed. Mo HATES  violent movies. Mo HATES hockey.

So it was with great surprise last week when we were clicking through channels and she exclaimed, that’s “Slap Shot.” Why would she be familiar with a hockey movie that focuses on an endless series of closeups of players beating each other to a pulp?

Then I remembered. Isn’t Mr. Paul Newman in that movie? Yes, I think he might be, she replied.


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