Mo and the Pocket Tots

Mo says she would never eat tater tots out of her pocket.

We’re watching Napoleon Dynamite and we’ve just passed the scene where Napoleon is dining on some tots he has stashed in his pants. She points out that nobody in real life would do that.

I point out that just about anybody would. We find ourselves at an impasse.

We call the Y. Both people at the desk say no. But they’re females so what do you expect.

She turns to her friend Laura for solidarity. Laura tells her that heck yeah she’d eat them. But then Laura picks up anything she finds while walking her dogs, brings it home and paints it. I’m not sure she would make for a good focus group, although she does not appear to have actually eaten any of the found objects. She even comes up with the perfect terminology: “Pocket Tots.”

We post the question on the RW board where an overwhelming majority say yes. Many appear to have left their computers in search of tots soon afterward.

The RW forum also shoots down my gender theory, as juanitagf posts: “Ohhh, deep fried tator tots are the BEST. i would eat them on a train, in the rain, in a house and with a mouse. So no doubt I would eat them out of my pants pockets!” krunnergirl adds: “I would eat them out of my pockets, I would eat them wunning like wockets, I would eat them at my race, I wouldn’t let it slow my pace, I would eat them here or there, I would eat them anywhere!” The majority of people there have no problem with it, and the few that object do so mainly because they (gasp) don’t care for tots. Substitute chocolate chip cookies and they’re in. Best guy response came from CLT Runner, who said: “As long as I had some ketchup packets in my other pocket – HECK YES…GOOOSH!”” My kind of guy.

Still, Mo is unrepentant as we depart to shop for a shower rod (apparently the cat broke it while we were out one day. She denies it, but you know how cats are. )

On the way back we stop at Wendy’s because she really wants french fries.

Upon our arrival back home, she looks in her bag and there are no fries.

As it turns out, they’re in my pocket.

Mo would never eat tater tots out of someone’s pocket. But french fries appear to be an entirely different matter …

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