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The amazing disappearing dream

I had a dream last night. A spectacular, extravaganza, oh my god i can’t believe how great this dream is dream. I have no idea what it was. Geniuses often have great dreams. Keith Richards woke up with “Satisfaction” in … Continue reading

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When did I become such a bitter old man?

Because I still picture myself as a bitter young man. Or at least a bitter middle-aged man. Damn. This makes me bitter.

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Green knees and The Plane Guy

While going through a list of Calvin and Hobbes quotes today, I was reminded why I  love Watterson so. You don’t even need the adorable drawings of a boy and his tiger. The words are enough: “I like maxims that … Continue reading

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Thelma and Louise

I just realized on today’s run that two women appear to be living in the park. At least in the parking lot. I’ve seen them the last couple of days, but it didn’t click. Maybe they’re just on their way … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Sun Ray: The athlete

They arrive at Sun Ray Park the same time as me. Woman in her early 20s. Coach/trainer around 30. Serious. Very serious. They’re doing core work. A medicine ball, a yoga pad, a determination that was not quite genetically passed … Continue reading

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