Vaseline vs. Body Glide vs. Asics Chafe Free

I got a shiny new pair of Asics Hyper Speeds in the mail today from my friends at It’s going to be a while till new Piranhas are on sale again and since the new ones cost 8,406 yen (I’m not exaggerating), the Hypesters will do just fine. They’re what I ran in before Piranhas came along, and I’m inching toward the new maximalist movement anyhow.

The warehouse is great at throwing in freebies with orders. Today’s shoes came with a free tube of Asics Chafe Free, apparently their version of Body Glide. By coincidence I had just bought a tube of Vaseline on the way to my run yesterday. So in the interest of science I thought I would compare the three.

Don't fall for the sparkly package.

Vaseline: This of course was the old running standby before techie stuff came along. It’s crazy cheap and if you buy the tube version you can just squirt it straight onto your tongue. That’s what I did for this test. Texture-wise it seems fine, but it doesn’t really have much taste to it. My tongue felt kind of icky for the rest of the day, and it makes diet Coke taste like Vaseline. This is probably why specialty product companies jumped in to this market.


Body Glide: This product comes as a roll-on, so I just stuck out my tongue and lathered it liberally. Again, the texture is fine but the taste leaves much to be desired. Better than a pineapple Life Saver, but then what isn’t? I know that many people swear by Body Glide, but I’m just not getting it at all. At least make it in Gummy Bear form. On the plus side, asking “Hey, baby, would you like to taste my Body Glide” seems like a sure bet at the gym. I can’t wait!

Do not be fooled. This was not orange flavor.

Asics Chafe Free: This product, which also comes in tube form, apparently is their entry into the market. I must say that if they expect to make inroads they have a lot of room for improvement. The taste is much the same as the others, although my tongue did not chafe for the entire run.

All in all, I was disappointed with all three. The taste is not great, and the amount one would have to eat to get an appreciable amount of carbs is prohibitive. If I had to choose I would probably go with the Jonas Brothers, because they are just so darn yummy.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful. Man. I gotta go get some ice cream.

Next week: Gu vs Power Gel — Which is better at chafing prevention?

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2 Responses to Vaseline vs. Body Glide vs. Asics Chafe Free

  1. Jill says:

    I hope those tasty morsels were lactose-free!!

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