Once upon a battery charger

Maybe it had taken up residency in Alaska. We had no idea.

Mo had been looking for her camera’s battery charger for months. We were in “it will turn up eventually” mode forever. Eventually had come and gone. Several times.

Retracing her steps over the last year or so, she couldn’t remember seeing it since last year’s trip to Alaska. Out came the suitcase and duffel bag. The nooks. the crannies. Nothing.

The only possible explanation was that she had left it plugged in somewhere in the wilderness. Gone forever. Thus began our expedition to replace it.

The Best Buy had only one of those bulky behemoths that Best Buy is famous for. Mo tried to buy it but just couldn’t bring herself to carry the unsightly urchin home, especially for $40.

In the end she turned to Amazon, finding an exact replacement for $7, plus $5 for shipping. At last the Great Battery Charger Dilemma was over. It would arrive in two days.

Two days after ordering, and many months after the search began, here we are. Early this morning, a light bulb appears over Mo’s head. She’s just thought of one more place to look. A small auxiliary backpack she never uses. In a small side pocket, sleeping innocently, is the charger.

Of course.

And of course, when we check the mail this afternoon, his brother has arrived.

Now we are the proud owners of two identical battery chargers.

Let the betting commence on how long till we lose both of them.

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2 Responses to Once upon a battery charger

  1. gdionelli says:

    Maybe you should buy a spare battery to keep the spare charger occupied.

  2. Jill says:

    Take it from one with twins, they don’t share well; be prepared to buy two of everthing so they don’t fight and there is peace in the house.

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