My Arizona running boycott

My country ’tis of thee
to take swings at each other on the talk show TV
why don’t you just turn off the sun
’cause we’ll never live long enough
to undo everything they’ve done to you
— ani difranco

In my own little protest over the Arizona immigration law, which nobody actually understands but everyone has an intractable opinion of, I have decided to boycott Arizona.

Which is a problem because I live here.

I’m hiding in the living room with my feet lifted off the floor so I don’t have to touch anything. Well, my bottom touches, but I figure even the most strident anti-Arizonans would approve of that.

This is taking a major toll on my running. It’s extremely difficult to boycott running in Arizona when that’s all you have. I’m considering sneaking in a few miles on Native American land just down the road, since they’re a sovereign nation and being discriminated against is old hat to them.

I am amused that the makers of Arizona Iced Tea are facing a boycott even though they’re based in Long Island and have nothing to do with Arizona.

But then I guess marketing Long Island Iced Tea would bring up an entirely different set of marketing headaches.

Oh, well. I’m off to not run.  And then I think I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea.

Damn Arizonans.

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3 Responses to My Arizona running boycott

  1. jen says:

    I just read the bill this morning. I wonder if anyone else has.

    Also, when I tried to read here yesterday, a bunch of posts were gone. Time warp? or wordpress glitch? The world may never know.

  2. I don’t know. It’s a really hard problem. I have lived with the fallout of the immigration issue from both sides at a very personal level for a long time. I don’t have the answer. All I know is that it’s creating so much hatred. And that makes me very sad for our state, for our country and for our world.

    Of course all of this pales compared to the mystery of lobster ice cream.

  3. jen says:

    Well… it’s less mysterious than it is disturbing. The ice cream, I mean.

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