One hundred plus

“From the first day in school until the day I graduated, everyone gave me
one hundred plus in art. Well, where do you go in life?
You go to the place where you got one hundred plus.”

— Louise Nevelson, artist

It’s all about finding your place, Louise. I know this. But where is that place?

It’s Saturday morning. Today was my scheduled rematch with a crazed squirrel in a 5K that would finally allow me to regain species domination. But I still feel like a pack of his little squirrel friends were beating on me with tiny ball-peen hammers all night.

Louise Nevelson

We awoke at 2 a.m. today in a ritual that is becoming too common. Watched a Northern Exposure DVD where they’re all going insane. Seemed perfectly normal. A bad sign.

I always had a fallback plan, Louise. Work, running, music. If all three were clicking I was in heaven. Two out of three, life was good. As long as one of them was there I could survive.

These days I’m 0 for 3. It’s not a great place.

I seem to have broken my hand a week ago in the Great Dumbbell Escapade, and it’s making no progress. I cannot grip my guitar with my left hand, which limits me to about four open-tuning songs that only require one finger. Running is increasingly an exercise in futility. And my job is finding a job, which is not a very fulfilling job. So here I sit.

I want one hundred plus. I long for that place where I can go and be great and happy and fulfilled.

What’s the answer, Louise?

“I never feel age … If you have creative work, you don’t have age or time.”

Mo has a sign in the middle of the living room wall that says simply “Make Art Anyway.” I guess I just stopped seeing it.

So easy. The artist’s version of a Nike slogan. It’s never too late. I may not feel well and my hand is broken, but I need never feel my age. I just have to find more creative ways to get back to the places where I got one hundred plus. Just do it.

I’m thinking it’s a fine day to write a couple of one-finger open-tuning songs.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if the squirrel wants to go for a fun run.

Thanks, Louise. I’m glad we had this talk.

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6 Responses to One hundred plus

  1. runshorts says:

    I think you should add Mo to your list. Work, running, music, Mo. One out of four is much less depressing than zero for three.

    p.s. During my pre-midlife crisis I watched WKRP on DVD at 2 am. It’s good medicine.

    • Uh oh. you mean I may lose Mo TOO???? Now I’m really depressed. And I always had a hard time figuring out how WKRP filled 24 hours with two DJs. Unless it was all Free Bird and Stairway to Heaven all the time …

  2. runshorts says:

    Every fallback plans needs one guarantee. The sure thing so you are never at zero. It’s like the university application safety school.

    Les Nessman’s hog report filled a solid two hours each day. The trio -Stairway to Heaven, Free Bird, and I’d Do Anything for Love- accounts for another hour. Johnny’s uppers took care of the other 21.

  3. gdionelli says:

    Louise also said “I do believe that sound and color are great healers.”

  4. Pochero says:

    John McCain says that it is always the darkest before everything goes completely black. Look where he ended up. Hang in there!

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