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What the truck?

I’m driving a 16-foot truck. I’m terrified. Did I ever mention that I’ve driven various incarnations of the Honda Civic since I was 18? I get nervous when I drive Mo’s rav-4, the family’s “big” vehicle. So a monster moving … Continue reading

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My 17-step program

My interval repeats consist of 17 steps. Down, across to the garbage bin, back up, to the pile of stuff that never quits growing. We’re trying to weed out the excess before moving, a task that seems steadily to get … Continue reading

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A bad diagnosis

We have lunch with our friend Jami and her daughter Anna Banana. They live in San Francisco. We will live in Corpus Christi. You do the math. I go from there to my cardiologist for a heart checkup. He says … Continue reading

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Pimento cheese sandwich: Point-counterpoint

Few subjects spark a heated controversy quite like the pimento cheese sandwich. Although I have strong views on the subject, I turn instead to two experts. They filed replies to an earlier post by Mo Sheppo, but surely they are … Continue reading

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all you need to know about texas is in the boots

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Missing: My mojo

I got a job. I finally know where I’ll be living a year from now. It’s safe to run again without a black cloud hovering over me. So why can’t I? I’m staring at my shoes. They’re looking back at … Continue reading

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A friend in need is a friend. Indeed.

Char calls at halftime. She doesn’t like basketball, but she’s watching the game anyhow. Who should I be rooting for, she asks. Celtics, I tell her. OK. Char’s pretty easy. She’s had a bad stretch. Just went to yet another … Continue reading

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