Pimento cheese sandwich: Point-counterpoint

Few subjects spark a heated controversy quite like the pimento cheese sandwich.

Although I have strong views on the subject, I turn instead to two experts. They filed replies to an earlier post by Mo Sheppo, but surely they are worthy of a post of their own.

Nothing says pimento cheese like the prestigious "Taco" brand. (and marvel at that list of ingredients!)

The Con: (from a librarian who on the one hand is from Maryland, but on the other hand is known to frequent an orange van. This yin and yang balance out sufficiently to make her comments valid for survey purposes.)

Let me know when you find out the deal on pimento cheese sandwiches. I lived in NC for a few years and they were the first order of business when anyone was planning any kind of function. The 5 story wedding cake could wait. First we need to know who’s bringing the pimento cheese sandwiches. I never did try one. (and I’m ok with that!)

The pro: (from a lifelong Texas writer who once drove a red van for 350,000 miles. This man knows his pimento cheese. His response, when asked what’s the deal with Big Red soda and pimento cheese.)

The Big Red thing is a myth. Dr Pepper is the national drink of TX.
Pimento cheese, though…. Just the thought makes me hungry. The best, of course, is homemade. But who has time? Fortunately, H-E-B, the national supermarket of TX, sells pimento cheese in 50-pound tubs. And it’s not just for white bread. You can spread it on biscuits or pancakes and mix it with scrambled eggs, put it in red beans (pinto y pimento) or eat it with a spoon right out of the tub. An old family favorite was peanut butter and pimento cheese sandwiches. (Peanut butter on one slice of bread, pimento on the other, then slap ‘em together. Rumor has it that Blue Bell (national ice cream of TX) once experimented with a Pimento Cheese Cake flavor, but that’s just plain silly.

The saddest part of this story is the rift it’s causing in my family. My mother, the pimiento matriarch of the family, is aghast to find that my dearly betrothed has never tasted pimiento cheese. She has already begun her plot to make it happen. And remember this is the woman who snuck chopped onions into my Cheerios for 10 years or so.

Where will this story lead us? Corpus Christi, July 2. The promised land, if the promise is a pimento cheese sandwich at the Stripes convenience store at the end of the road. Stay tuned for updates, on the sandwich and the marriage, as they become available.

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3 Responses to Pimento cheese sandwich: Point-counterpoint

  1. obxrunner says:

    I too have never had pimento cheese
    I’m not sure that’s good news for Mo
    I never had a TV commercial “I want to be like sassafras”


  2. lit chick says:

    I guess this is a southern thing. I will have to defer to Mr. Smith because he is much farther south of the Mason-Dixon Line than I am. The next time I travel to the Deep South, I’ll have to buy me a 50 pound tub and dig in! I’m anxious to hear what guerrilla tactics your mother uses to get Mo to sample a sandwich.


  3. Pochero says:

    Wow, this makes me feel nostalgic for my mom’s pimiento cheese sandwiches.


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