My 17-step program

My interval repeats consist of 17 steps. Down, across to the garbage bin, back up, to the pile of stuff that never quits growing.

I'm turning into a painting. I think this was a Twilight Zone episode. Or maybe SpongeBob. This painting survived the purge. Of course it's only Sunday ...

We’re trying to weed out the excess before moving, a task that seems steadily to get a bit more epic as the deadline to move nears. Yesterday we were about 50 percent done; today it’s down to 35 percent. A statistical impossibility, but so was electing a black guy to the White House and we know how that turned out. Still, boxes are taking over the abode. Big boxes, little boxes. Stuff.

I haven’t run in forever. I finally gave up and packed the shoes today, a concession to the futility of it all. I’m just tired. I don’t care. And it’s crazy hot. Going to the Y would mean another round of goodbye forevers, which I desperately want to avoid at this point.

So I’m doing intervals. 17 down, 17 up. 17, down, 17 up. This is good training for a couple of days from now, when I’ll be doing those same intervals while carrying dressers and computer monitors. Hill training indeed.

I guess it’s not a bad thing. Today’s art purge was brutal — Amanda must have shredded about 30 canvases with spectacular paintings for reasons I can’t fathom and she can’t explain — but otherwise not so bad. There’s just so much stuff that accumulates. Binge and purge. We’ll come out lean and mean in the unlikelihood we survive the move.

It’s mile 23 and I just want this race to be over.

So no more running as I continue my 17-step program. I guess my next outing with the faithful Piranhas will be in the land of 90 percent humidity and constant 15 mph winds.

Oh, well. At least it’s flat …

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5 Responses to My 17-step program

  1. Senior Runner says:

    So, Mo the arteest is doing the purge thing big-time and YOU can’t fathom it… THIS from the guy who’s deleted all of his creative Loop “droppings” so that posterity can’t enjoy them a second time! I suppose you both picked up that practice from the Indian sand painters in your area!

    Well, while I rant and rail against the both of you, my attitude is similar. I enjoy the sense of freedom and possibility that comes when you look at that blank page, and without knowing exactly who you are or where you’re going, start over. And, in the unlikely event I ever produce something I’m REALLY pleased with, I may let it hang around for a while!

    Nothing is so frightening, or so exciting, as starting over. The old Phoenix burns, the new Phoenix rises!


  2. gdionelli says:

    +1 SR!


  3. sara says:

    It saddens me to think of mo’s art being destroyed. Very Van Goghish. I pray she keeps her ears in tact–the better to hear the pleas to purge no more.


  4. lit chick says:

    SR is absolutely right. Moving is scary, heartbreaking, but also exciting. Things will never be the same, which is sad, but in the future, you will be grateful for all the new experiences you are having and the new people in your lives. The next week will be rough but once you get into your new home and new routine, all will be well.


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