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We never got around to discussing a bow

In an unfortunate episode with scissors (weren’t they blunt when we were kids?), I find myself bleeding profusely. Mo slaps a bandage on it and says that we need to wrap it. I point out that it seems silly to … Continue reading

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I saw a croc on my run today

must admit I was a little spooked after reading about a fellow South Texas runner’s recent close encounter with a javelina (No, the Chamber of Commerce brochure does not mention javelina attacks in its brochure.) So it was with no … Continue reading

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BK weighs in on The Great Stinky Shoe Debate

Although I’m not sure which side she’s taking …

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Adjusting to Texas’ odd rules

Store clerk: Sir, you can’t be in here. This is a ladies’ dressing room. Me: Oh.

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Gang etiquette

The woman in the next cubicle, in an apparent effort to to torture me in exchange for smelling my shoes all night, says I should look at a graphic. It maps out gang-related drive-by shootings in our city. The bad … Continue reading

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