taking over for moBoy: a fish feetie question

moBoy is working… so i just have this question being the foreigner to this strange land….  I went on a bike ride next to the water and as I was riding I saw these fish leaping out of the water into the air… like all the way out of the water?! More than one fish — there were several flashing their sparkling pantaloons…. just wondering – Is this Darwinism? (I think not as I saw no fish feeties.     Dear geniuses please explain.


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5 Responses to taking over for moBoy: a fish feetie question

  1. Dave says:

    These are the fish that Santiago consumed while chasing his big fish in Old Man and the Sea. “You’re stupid he told himself. Eat the other flying fish.” This quote has always stuck with for some reason. Anyway, Darwin indeed. The flying fish leaps from the water and propels itself forward at the exact same speed that it’s natural predator the dolphin-fish (mahi mahi not Flipper) swims.

  2. gdionelli says:

    I surely would like to see a mosheppo original depiction of said jumping fish.

  3. JustaJester says:

    Since I am just a jester, you can’t hold me accountable for speaking nonsense on this fishy business. I once saw the same thing in some shallow Hawaiian waters, except in that case the fish didn’t actually jump onto the bank.
    I wondered at the time if I was seeing schools of small fish that were being spooked by something — real or imagined — that they perceived as a predator, and were simply trying to escape.
    Perhaps in your case, they see the shadow of you approaching on your bike, and fear that you are a giant pelican about to dive into their midst for a little sushi a gogo.

  4. sara says:

    Once in Galveston I had the same experience. I exclaimed to my boyfriend that they were dancing for us. He said they were jumping out to eat the insects flying about. I no longer have the boyfriend. I still believe they were dancing…for me.

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