I saw a croc on my run today

must admit I was a little spooked after reading about a fellow South Texas runner’s recent close encounter with a javelina (No, the Chamber of Commerce brochure does not mention javelina attacks in its brochure.)

So it was with no small amount of trepidation that I set out on today’s run. Keeping my eyes open, no small feat on a morning run when I work till 1 a.m., I finished the neighborhood portion of the run coming across nothing wilder than a crazy, homeless guy. Of course he likely thought I was a crazy, homeless guy too, so we exchanged waves and moved on.

But after I made the turn and headed on to the running path, things changed. (cue Jaws theme.)

Mo has asked if we have alligators around here, and I said it wasn’t likely. But there, at the 2-mile point, between the edge of the water and the sidewalk, was a croc. Mind you, a baby croc, but a croc nonetheless.

I snapped a quick photo as evidence and then ran for my life.

The scariest part: I only saw one. Its mate must be out there somewhere.

Oh, well. Maybe it will scare away the javelina …

Baby croc is in foreground, water in background. I'm guessing he's about a Size 3, small but feisty.

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2 Responses to I saw a croc on my run today

  1. Tom Osterbuhr says:

    Which is worse the croc or your piranha’s?

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