We never got around to discussing a bow

In an unfortunate episode with scissors (weren’t they blunt when we were kids?), I find myself bleeding profusely.

Mo slaps a bandage on it and says that we need to wrap it.

I point out that it seems silly to wrap it. She would just  turn around and unwrap it later. She already knows it’s a hand, so there would be no surprise.  And we haven’t unpacked yet so who knows where the ribbon is anyway. I inquire as to whether we have any leftover gift bags we could stick it in instead. Maybe some colorful tissue to stuff around the sides.

Luckily I pass out at that point from blood loss so the conversation ends.

Mo is a very patient person.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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6 Responses to We never got around to discussing a bow

  1. Tom Osterbuhr says:

    Sounds to me like you are the patient!

  2. gdionelli says:

    Maybe a hospital bracelet for a gift card?

  3. SL says:

    Let me share a little rule we have at the Bartolec residence. Don’t run with scissors. Hope that helps. Take care.

  4. Goal Junkie says:


    You are funny.

  5. mo says:

    No sir. You are a pain in the behind…

  6. gdionelli says:


    Your wife is funnier.

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