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taking over for moBoy: a fish feetie question

moBoy is working… so i just have this question being the foreigner to this strange land….  I went on a bike ride next to the water and as I was riding I saw these fish leaping out of the water … Continue reading

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Fish and chips and doomed birds

We ate lunch yesterday at a delightful outdoor seafood place on the Gulf. The tables are outside and birds wander around on the deck. The sad part: We shared our table with a small bird whose feet were tied together … Continue reading

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Work conversations, part 1

Co-worker: Did your family move here with you? Me: Just my wife and my cat. Co-worker: Does she like it here? Me: Hard to tell. She’s an indoor cat. Co-worker: Oh.

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Nobody likes a smarty pants

Sunday: Mo: Where are you going to run? Me: On the cool track down the street. Mo: You can’t run on the track. You’ll hurt your knee. Me: That was a long time ago. It hasn’t hurt forever. Mo: Because … Continue reading

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A Smith Boys reunion

When the going gets tough, you find out who your friends are. For me it was tough going 1,100 miles and up 14 steps a million times. Just happens that my friends are Smith Boys. No contest. Mo and I … Continue reading

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