A happy ending

I got killed by the obits.

Things were going pretty well last night till I crashed hard on the obit page. It’s a very labor intensive page, and suddenly it was gone.

I never really recovered. Made deadline, sort of, if you squint enough. But it was so stressful that sleep was not really an option afterward.

I finally keeled over around 6 a.m. I woke up when Mo was putting on her shoes to go to church. I figured what the heck.

I pulled on pants, a shirt and a shoe, and went with her. She drove while I snored in the passenger’s seat. I weaved around as she held my hand to lead me in.

I never had a chance.

Hazel was perched at the door. Good morning! she exclaimed the way elderly women do when they’ve been up since 4 a.m. And she gave me a big hug.

She’s even more frail than I imagined. I could feel her skeleton through her Sunday dress. She smelled like my grandmother. Like everyone’s grandmother.

For a second I was back in Vancourt. I just wanted to tell her how hard last night was and how scary life can be. I wanted her to give me a cookie and a pat on the head and an assurance that everything would be OK.

And it sort of worked out that way. She gave me a big hug, I got a cup of coffee and a little muffin, and Pastor Rick talked about how church is a place where you get involved.

But it’s more. I think church is a place where you get a hug.

Thanks, Hazel. Sorry it took so long.

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4 Responses to A happy ending

  1. tosuperstar says:

    After a night, make that morning like that a HUG is just what the Dr. Ordered, that and a muffin and a place to belong. Damn the Obits anyway!

  2. gdionelli says:

    Hugs can be good that way.

  3. hazel, 1. gary, 1. everybody wins!

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