After 537 miles or so, the Piranhas experienced something today for the first time: mud.

My pal Jill had mentioned a few posts back that what I needed was a little quality time in dirt to turn things around. Maybe she was right.

There’s a trail that runs along the bay that is normally dirt, but today was a quagmire. Big fun. As a desert boy I just hadn’t run in the mud forever. The Piranhas loved it. Looks like we’re going to get spanked by a storm in the next day or so, so more mud on the way! As a huge bonus, it was 81 degrees today. Joy!

Today’s run also brought this handy reminder for dealing with blisters on your big toe:

1. Tape toe.
2. Run
3. Remove tape at evening so toe can breathe.
4. Re-tape toe before running again.
5. DON’T FORGET NO. 4!!!!

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    4 Responses to mud

    1. Lit Chick says:

      Glad the cooler temps made it to Texas. That, plus the mud, will fix you up in short order!

    2. sassafras says:

      gumbo runner just did a mud run
      I told her thats a starter drug to running barefoot

      no stinky shoes ……… just sayin

    3. Jill says:

      That Jill thinks you were meant to be on the trails and off the roads – you’re not a true road racer, your heart’s in the mud! Looking at the Texas map, Texas is mighty huge so not sure the driving distance; but here’s a race in Austin that looks fun and non-competitive:
      Maybe there are some closer to CC!! Or maybe you and Mo can have a nice weekend away in Austin, perhaps :).

    4. tosuperstar says:

      That Jill, she played a dirty trick on you!

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