Things they don’t tell you at the Verizon store

Apparently there’s some rule that you can’t send your cellphone for a ride in the washing machine.

Like I was supposed to know that.

The worst part is that Mo asked right before I handed her the pants, “Did you check all your pockets?” I misunderstood and thought she asked “Did you check all your pockets except the one your phone is in?” A subtle difference, but apparently an important one.

On the bright side, my phone is now very clean.

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2 Responses to Things they don’t tell you at the Verizon store

  1. Lisa says:

    You know.. you could have had a teenage son with unlimited texting.. who decided he would just start calling people instead. $1345.00 later.. he discovers you only have 700 shared minutes. See? There are worse things..Sorry about the phone G 🙂

  2. gdionelli says:

    According to my college students, if one drops one’s phone in the toilet (apparently college students do this on a regular basis), it can still be saved by putting it in a jar of uncooked rice to absorb all the moisture. Of course, this remedy doesn’t take into account any damage from the spin cycle… Maybe send it out to Lisa’s dog for a chew-toy.

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