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Just another beanball

An e-mail from my brother regarding my Skype meeting with the editors in San Angelo: Tim: “I finally saw your brother today during the budget meeting.” Me: “Oh yeah?” Tim: “He’s not what I expected.” Me: “Oh?” Tim: “That bald … Continue reading

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The art of advertising

Brother the Elder is an old-school journalist, meaning he is allowed to swill tequila throughout his shift. This is evidenced by a barrage of emails I am receiving from him today in which he cannot stop saying Walla Walla Walla … Continue reading

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Conversation of the day

Mo (leaving for work as I lie on the couch hacking up a lung): You’re not going to run today, are you? Me: Of course (cough) not. Mo and I have the funniest conversations …

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better family relations through pringles

i am coughing like a vegas barfly. (i don’t know what this means. i just like to say “barfly.”) bk doesn’t like noise. she’s been hiding under the bed for three days. mo doesn’t like it when bk isn’t around. … Continue reading

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i am sick as a dog. and yet while dragging my butt home last night after 14 hours of  breakneck-pace page design despite being totally delirious, i walked past a dog. he looked fine.

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