Life always balances out

Longtime readers will recall my right itb causes me to walk with a constant limp.

Luckily, a bone seems to have snapped in my left foot yesterday at work (how can that happen?) just above the left toe (I will call it the Goal Junkie Memorial Injury).

Net result: I now walk normally.

Funny how life works out.

Signs you are a runner: I amused myself greatly at church today. We are still muddling through Revelation and Ranger Rick kept referring to The End Times. Every time he said The End Times I would say in my head (Chip or gun? Chip or gun?) They probably shouldn’t provide coffee at our church.

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5 Responses to Life always balances out

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Well, what would Ranger Rick say, chip or gun! Just don’t pray at any time during the race, “God take me home”.


  2. ERG says:

    What happened? Did you break a bone, or did it just go back into the right place with the snap?


    • nah, it’s that goofy bone where you push off with your big toe. have you ever had that one? think i may have figured out a way to run that doesn’t require pushing off, so i’ll likely end up with some injury by midweek from that. now i just gotta figure out how to sneak out without mo catching me.


  3. madiantin says:

    WOah! That snap sounds quite painful. Though if you’re walking normally now I’m presuming the snap was a good thing?

    ROFL @ the end times at church. =)


  4. Pochero says:

    Isn’t “Chip or Gun” a poem by Robert Frost about the end of time?


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