The problem with making espresso

Mo is making espresso and walks into the other room.

When she returns to the kitchen she seems quite excited.

I forgot one thing, she says.

The cup? I ask.

The cup. She responds.

She looks at the huge puddle on the cabinet and the floor.

The worst thing, she says, is that I lost all that coffee.

Mo loves her coffee. Now if she could just figure out how to make it before she’s had her coffee …

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10 Responses to The problem with making espresso

  1. Keeley says:

    Poor Mo! Oh well. At least she didn’t get flour in her coffee.

  2. slowlearner says:

    If only the fine people at Garmin would get in the coffee business.

  3. tosuperstar says:

    Nothing personal but sure glad Mo is not GM at BP or Haliburton!

  4. sassafras says:

    someone needs to follow you 2 around with a video camera …… something happens every day

  5. ERG says:

    I am convinced that every one of those thingies should come with a barista! I have my 5 year old trained to pour my coffee and add in the extras, but not quite convinced he’s ready for measuring the grounds/water and setting the auto timer. Getting the coffee at the right strength and time is too critical at this juncture. =D

  6. Pochero says:

    In this place we drink canned liquid coffee before we start making coffee.

  7. sassafras says:

    the sassafras family was out shopping for loop fest ( maybe you’ve heard of it )
    you….know 35 strangers in your house fighting over the Nutella…..

    I seen a coffee cup that made me think of you …….. it said …( I always feel weird writing that … its not like the cup actually talked ) it had wrote on it ….
    “crazy cat ladies cup” …… I laughed and thought that would be the perfect cup for you. I’m not talking about Mo …… I mean you Gary

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