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our new standard for choosing a mechanic

if he has rabbit cages outside the garage, no. we left too quickly to notice if a kid was playing “dueling banjos” on the porch. this likely did nothing to sell Mo on Texas …

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quote of the morning

Mo: “The ESPN guys said the same thing you did, except they were funny.” If only she had been eaten by an alligator …

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it’s ok to steal stuff on the internet. actually, it’s encouraged

The following is stolen from the blog of my sister Jami, who stole it from someone else’s blog. please feel free to steal it for your blog. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to change the names around to your kids, pets … Continue reading

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for the birds

If only Mo had been eaten by an alligator, this wouldn’t have happened. If only. It all starts with something called “a day off together.” I have read about this experience but this was new for us. We decide on … Continue reading

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Home of the bottomless cup

I’ve worked in journalism since the Truman administration, but this is the first newspaper where people constantly send out e-mails saying a new pot of coffee has just been made. There’s a reason for that. Our operation is like a … Continue reading

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who doesn’t love a singing monkey video?

opposable thumbs In other news, I’m still waiting for toe to be a little happier. It’s still disgruntled. Although I’m not sure that being disgruntled is that much worse than being gruntled.

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The adventures of Harmonica Bob

Me: Fish and chips and an extra plate, please. We’re splitting an order. Fish guy: OK. I just need $13.50 and a name. Me: Gary. Fish guy: That’s too dull. Me: Harmonica Bob. Fish guy: That’s a lot of letters … Continue reading

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