Just another Halloween

It was a Halloween just the way I always dreamed it would be when I was young. Of course this would’ve been a dream fueled by too many fun-size Hershey bars …

• Mo and I meet at midnight on Saturday night for a beer at the bar across the street. We envision a quiet Corona in our little corner. We completely fail to realize that it’s Halloween. Our little corner is occupied by the Zombie Ball. We decide to go home rather than risk having our brains eaten by some guy wearing a hockey mask who had one too many tequila shots. Did I mention we’re old?

• Pastor Rick wears his Guatemalan hat and vest at church today. He says it has something to do with missions, but I sense a repressed trick-or-treater. He’s wrapping up Revelation today. Look, I don’t understand a lot of this stuff, he says. I could pretend to know and just make something up, but nobody really knows what most of this means. But when you get to the end, we win. He laughs, reads some and then just sorta gives up. I loves me a good Cliff notes Bible study. And I got a piece of banana bread on the way out. Trick or treat …

• Copy editors are notorious non-participants in holidays, and my new staff keeps the tradition alive. One of the younger members brings in some cupcakes, and one of the guys brings a plastic pumpkin with a light bulb and puts it on top of his computer. Then we work our brains out for 10 hours. Of course working your brains out is the prelude for a good zombie story. And at the end of the shift we end up making up costumes. I’m a baseball player because I’m wearing a cap, the Abilene designer is a yellow journalist because she’s wearing a yellow shirt, and our podmate is one of the Seven Dwarves. We don’t tell him he’s Grumpy, because he’s grumpy. And the glowing jack-o-lantern does look pretty cool.

• Then I come home and Mo has skeletons on the door. She lets me have her rice pudding. It’s a great treat. BK performs her trick with the twistie tie. We watch “Ice Road Truckers” and I think how lucky I am to have stumbled across this life.

Halloween’s not the way I dreamed it would be. It’s better.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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6 Responses to Just another Halloween

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Life is good. Quoting the skeleton on the door if he could talk, “give me some skin man”. Happy Belated Halloween!

  2. gdionelli says:

    Guess when you were a kid you didn’t get rice pudding in your trick-or-treat bag, hun?

  3. SeniorRunner says:

    My wife and I could probably get jobs as government economists. Our estimates of candy supply needs versus trick-or-treat demand always prove out of whack. Some years we’re left with tons of fun-size bars, which we can eventually deal with. Last night it went the other way, with the ghoul/goblin demand exceeding our supply of goodies. This triggered the lights out, curtains closed strategy, where we hunker down and wait for it all to end.

  4. sassafras says:

    Holidays are always a good reminder of the blessing we have at home

  5. Lisa says:

    Yeah… it’s much safer just to look out for the chick in the wolkswagen who’s had one too many tequila shots… and not worry about that hockey mask, what’s his face guy…:)

  6. Keeley says:


    My gosh, I love that stuff.

    Hello Lisa! =) How’s the injury?

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