Always listen to your pappy

Dad: Your brother says you wrote that you might stop running.

Me: Well, you know …

Dad: You can never stop running.

Me: OK.

Dad: How about some pie?

Me: OK.

and then he made me gluten-free pancakes for breakfast. I’m thinking I’ll keep him.


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6 Responses to Always listen to your pappy

  1. ERG says:

    Mmm…what kind of pie? We had to postpone our Thanksgiving dinner this year because of a return of the dreaded sinus infection. I am drooling for pie.
    Sounds like a great dad. 😉

    • gluten-free apple (thanks, laura!) and snuck a couple of pieces of pecan just because you can’t really survive in texas without it. sorry you’re ailing. pie will be even better after prolonged anticipation!

  2. rsmith says:

    I love Bagley Pecans. While you were passing thru did you check out the Ditch Walk in Menard? Can’t believe I forgot to tell you about it. A great roadside attraction.

    • we tend to shun the trendy, highbrow turista magnets. There was a half-mile dirt trail in the park next to bagley’s that looked like fun, but we had crazy-tight timetable to get back. next time. we did stop at a terrific bbq place in junction (cooper’s — outdoor pit, good stuff.)

  3. tosuperstar says:

    Father Knows Best! The pie sounds devine, but the outdoor pit BBQ is making my mouth water!

  4. Keeley says:

    Your Dad is freaking awesome.

    That is all.

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