i’ve got fleas
my cat does too
i’m not sure who gave what to who
mommy says we’re busy bees
but mostly we’re just scratching fleas

BK apparently has fleas. I feel like such a dad because I had no idea. Possibly because I have fleas and don’t think much of it.

There's a lot of happiness going on here.

Mo, apparently a student of Flea Warfare, brought home some stuff that you dab on the cat. But when we looked it up online, apparently it works by killing the cat. At that point the fleas lose interest and go elsewhere. Effective, but not exactly the results we’re looking for.

So she got some other stuff instead, which is wildly expensive. Meaning it must work.

We just dabbed a little on BK’s back, and now we wait. Will the cat croak? Will the fleas flee? And if they flee, where do they flee? I’m guessing they’ll just take up residence on Mo and me.

Luckily the package came with three doses …

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3 Responses to Fleas

  1. ERG says:

    How ironic. We had the same happy problem.
    BTW, dad, tapeworms usually follow fleas. Keep yer eyes open. :/

    I got some Advantage – one of the “wildly expensives”. The vet said to get the stuff for a cat over 9 pounds. My cat is under that. He suggested to split the dose in half with a syringe. That makes each application become 2 applications. Presto!

  2. tosuperstar says:

    If it doesn’t work you could always start a flea circus, the extra income would come in handy this time of year! Okay, ya got me I got nuttin, with the exception on this itch that won’t go away since I read this blog!

  3. Jenster says:

    Might as well put fleas on the menu too!


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