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A life lived wide left

I’m watching Boise State vs. Nevada. Boise is in the final stages of its wah wah wah we should play for the national championship whine. I find it annoying and desperately want them to lose. But alas they’re up 17 … Continue reading

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Always listen to your pappy

Dad: Your brother says you wrote that you might stop running. Me: Well, you know … Dad: You can never stop running. Me: OK. Dad: How about some pie? Me: OK. — and then he made me gluten-free pancakes for … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving memories

You will never forget the first time you witness your pappy looking into a turkey’s butt with a flashlight. Trust Me.

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The Korea Konspiracy deepens

The disturbing chain of events: 1. Mo does an illustration for the business magazine “Industry Standard.” Months later, it gets picked up by the Korean version of the magazine. This is the only foreign magazine she’s ever had an illustration … Continue reading

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Mo’s not feeling well

She says she has a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. A bonus glimpse into the Mind of Mo: There is a can of frosting on the right side. This is because she was making brownies and liked … Continue reading

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