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Last run of the decade

“BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, she actually uses that many exclamation points. I’m running on the track on another too-hot day in December (76, for those of you keeping score. Dude knows all too well.) I’m running without the earmuff headphones, which apparently … Continue reading

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A timely reminder

If you go to the bottom of the page and search for “resolution,” you will see that my 2009 resolution was to “be more timely.” Sadly, I didn’t make it until two days were left in 2009. My newspaper has … Continue reading

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Work Conversations, Part 6

Co-worker: Do you have children? Me: No. I always wanted kids, but the whole sex thing seemed so creepy. Co-worker: Actually, it’s not so bad after the first time. Me: Oh.

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4 miles on the track with another person

New Yorkers are griping that the city won’t plow out the roads after heavy snow. I’m trying to decide whether to run shirtless on a glorious 76-degree day. It’s just another day at the track. And then, it’s not. A … Continue reading

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Jesus saves fish

But that still doesn’t make coleslaw OK.

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Loopsterfest Corpus Christi

Skeptics might doubt that Loopsterfest Corpus Christi with jhathlete21 really took place. Therefore, I offer definitive photographic proof (the fourth person at the gala was jhathlete21mom.) Still not convinced? Here’s a shot of Julie, you doubters. We had much hilarity, and … Continue reading

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4 miles on the track on a rainy day

pouring outside. animals walking by apartment two-by-two. decide to run on the track anyhow. seems like an adventure waiting to happen. put on gore-tex booties. gore-tex pants. polypro shirt. gore-tex jacket. gore-tex cycling cap. yes, that’s a lot of gore-tex. … Continue reading

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