Breakfast tips, part 2

Don’t eat a hot dog for breakfast.

That’s what Mo did today. I have no idea why, and I’m scared to ask her hard questions before noon. Maybe it’s a Seattle thing. Makes Rice Chex and Frozen Peas sound pretty good.

This is making me miss Panda Puffs …

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6 Responses to Breakfast tips, part 2

  1. Keeley says:

    Furthermore, don’t eat truffles for breakfast two days in a row, followed by an egg nog and baklava chaser. That sounds like I drank the baklava. I didn’t. I did drink the egg nog though.

    Anyway. Now I feel terrible. Though admittedly, possibly not as terrible as Mo is feeling. Hot dogs…uuugghhhhhhh, poor Mo.

  2. gdionelli says:

    Think of it as wurst.

  3. slow ernie says:

    Wurst than what? Frozen peas?

  4. sassafras says:

    eh …. if you sliced it in 1/2 …. fried it and had a couple eggs over easy … hmm
    sounds like a good pre race breakfast to me

  5. tosuperstar says:

    Sausage is sausage.

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