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The kid in the bleachers

He sits alone on the bottom row. He’s wearing his gym shirt, but with jeans and clunky black shoes. The other kids are all unleashed on the track. The gazelles sprint, the jocks settle in to the middle, the two … Continue reading

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Goals for 2011

None so far. I kicked one soccer ball back on the field last week during a girls high school game. But it came nowhere close to reaching the net. And today they were playing flag football, so no scoring opportunities. … Continue reading

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Saved by superheroes

I have a deal with the woman who sits next to me at work. If I die midway through the shift, she has solemnly vowed to finish my section. This way my dying thought won’t be “Uh oh, what will … Continue reading

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Jay Cutler Memorial Run

Today was the Jay Cutler Memorial Run. Last night was brutal. First night of designing the Washington newspaper, so naturally they had a shootout that left two people dead and two officers wounded in a Walmart parking lot. Mo blames … Continue reading

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Into every relationship, a little rain must fall

An ominous day on the track. Clouds loom. Luckily I’ve packed my beloved Marmot jacket. A mile into the run, i feel the first drops. I turn to get my jacket. Mo is wearing it. I am conflicted. On the … Continue reading

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