Please give me a dollar

Brother the Elder has promised me a dollar whenever someone clicks through from here to his new blog, Spur Creek Farm.

He is a bad person, isn’t particularly interesting, is an unapologetic Scrabble cheat, and you likely will be tracked by the FBI for your suspicious web surfing if you choose to visit. But I really need a dollar, and you will find there’s a certain cachet from turning up on the airport no-fly list. So thanks!

Although totally misleading, it’s been added to the “nice people” links on the right.

UPDATE!!!! Spur Creek Farm is now offering what appears to be a fabulous running event with heavy discounts to longtime Margarine readers! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, since you likely will die during the event. And who needs flushies anyhow?

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7 Responses to Please give me a dollar

  1. Keeley says:

    I clicked on it five or six times.

  2. Keeley says:

    Aw man. =( I really liked the Good News! post. Your picture was delightful.

  3. ERG @ elktonrunner says:

    Heh. I haven’t clicked yet…but maybe I should. You might need a new pair of piranhas!

    Cheating at scrabble only counts if you can verify that the other person is NOT cheating. Actually…can you define cheating at scrabble? (That sounded very liberal of me. Oops.) Wordbuilders are good “helpers” for someone just figuring the strategy of earning points in the game. Of course I have never used such a site, though. =D If you play online scrabble can you leave the dictionary open? How would anyone know?

    • Rick is the world’s greatest Scrabble player. He memorized the entire dictionary, which enables him to put down words like, just taking a few from the front of the dictionary, AAL AAS ABA ABO ABS ABY. Naturally, any normal person would challenge these words and lose. But this also allows him to totally make up words — ABX and ABZ — without the fear of challenge, because you then assume that these are real obscure words as well. Maybe “cheater” wasn’t exactly right word. Maybe “much better than me” would be more accurate. Thanks a lot for bumming me out.

      You really should stop by. He’s pretty funny. And the farm is very Elkton-like.

  4. sassafras says:

    I clicked twice …. I’m pretty sure that makes us even on the stow away gift card.
    although we are still missing a few pieces of silverware

  5. mosheppo says:

    omg ERG please click click away. HE DOES NEED NEW PIRAHANAS! He keeps them locked away in an airtight tupperware vault… stencho-o-meter skyrocketing each day.

  6. ERG says:

    Ha! I saw the stench-o-meter post. Tupperware ? Hmmm.

    I will click away now!

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