Into every relationship, a little rain must fall

An ominous day on the track. Clouds loom. Luckily I’ve packed my beloved Marmot jacket.

A mile into the run, i feel the first drops. I turn to get my jacket.

Mo is wearing it.

I am conflicted. On the one hand, I’m not excited about getting wet.

But part of being in a relationship is sacrifice. When your significant other’s well-being is more important to you than your own. You might be wet and chilled, but your heart is warm.

Who am I to deprive Mo of this feeling? The jacket is toasty. The run is delightful. Life is good.

I think Seattle people enjoy being wet anyhow …

Today’s run

  • 4 miles — 47:08 (11:48) 64
  • 11:35, 11:44, 11:58, 11:51
  • Piranha-meter — 818 miles

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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6 Responses to Into every relationship, a little rain must fall

  1. tosuperstar says:

    The run looks great with the 11 min pace. Just be glad the jacket is on Mo and not in the Long Jump pit.

  2. Madiantin says:

    Hahaha! Poor Mo. =)

  3. sassafras says:

    looks like you run fast in the rain …. Piranha’s must like the water

  4. SeniorRunner says:

    A delightful piece that artfully, and with an admirable economy of words, balances on a razor-thin edge of ambiguity. I thought the final line clearly resolved that tension, making it clear to the reader whether you were the chivalrous hero or heartless knave.

    Apparently your verbal subtlety has left the matter moot, judging by the comments here and on the Loop.


    • Jenster! says:

      I’ve stopped reading Garbo on the Loop. The comment in which he dissected his post for a clueless reader reminded me of the time I overheard a coworker explain to another (actuaries are enemies of fun)…it was painful.

  5. How chivalrous!

    You could have offered her the tupperware shoe box for a hat, but she might have started digging in the long jump pit with it.

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